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      1. centrifuge
        PX manual bottom discharge centrifuge
             PGZ automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge
        ## PX manual bottom discharge centrifuge
         PX type bottom discharge centrifuge are three foot type and manual unloading, clearance operation of filtration equipment, material through the upper into feeding tube, feeding speed in the cloth disk evenly into the drum wall, high-speed off the liquid, material under the action of centrifugal force field, the liquid passes through the filter medium is discharged out of the machine outside, solid retention in the drum, deceleration stop artificially by solid phase are unloaded from the drum, from the bottom of the centrifuge discharge.
        Suitable for the separation of solid phase (granular, crystalline or fibrous) concentration of 5-60%, particle size greater than 0.05 mm of suspension, used in chemical industry, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and other industries.
        PX is a flat plate under unloading centrifuge, the abolition of the traditional hanging machine legs, the tablet weight and high viscosity damping isolator vibration absorption, no basis for the installation.
        The whole machine inside and outside is bright and clean, all airtight design, explosion proof, clean degree is high.
        ## PGZ automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge
        The standard structure
        Platform structure, the casing and the base plate are welded into a whole, shell cover and the shel和何亢創塀x伉Cl with flange with, quick opening structure, shell cover opened with hydraulic drive shell cover is provided with a feed pipe, a cleaning pipe, mirror, the observation light, scraper device, manhole, external connection nozzle using standard flange.
        The main material
        Tablet for Q235A lining stainless steel, the conversion in addition to the Rankine bottoming HT lining stainless steel used in all the rest of the stainless steel, shell cover (including accessories) are all made of stainless steel, shaft seat with cast steel or cast iron coated with stainless steel.
        standard configuration
        PLC and frequency conversion control, braking energy consumption, material position detection (contact), the ordinary vertical or explosion-proof motor, ordinary V-belt drive safety cover (carbon steel), motor closed cover (stainless steel), site operation box, septal Er solid damping type damper.
        structure selection
        1, the shell and the flat plate using the flange connection, fast locking structure and with a reliable seal
        2, the drum made of full stainless steel cutting type
        3, open the exhaust port and other requirements.
        material selection
        Due to corrosion requirements using the corresponding other materials, data= 316, 316L, 321, 304, titanium, ha's alloy, plastic lining, rubber lining, spray Halar, etc..
        parameter selection
        Products with different parameters can be provided according to customer's process.
        1, charging (charging limited volume)
        2, drum speed (maximum separation factor)
        Select configuration
        1, constant torque ordinary (explosion-proof) motor, anti-static (or other type) drive belt
        2, feedback brake, LCD touch screen
        3, vibration protection, nitrogen protection, speed display
        4. Determination of oxygen content or nitrogen filling control
        5, open cover interlock protection
        6. Liquid seal gas liquid separation
        7, on line cleaning structure, high pressure gas back blowing system
        8, non contact material level detection
        9, oblique bucket type of fabric
        10, other configuration requirements.
        Yangzhou YouNaiDe Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.  Copyright(C)yzynd.com Tel086-0514-84601128 E-mailyzynd@yzynd.com
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